-overview path\filename

Specifies that javadoc should retrieve the text for the overview documentation from the "source" file specified by path/filename and place it on the Overview page (overview-summary.html). The path/filename is relative to the -sourcepath.

While you can use any name you want for filename and place it anywhere you want for path, a typical thing to do is to name it overview.html and place it in the source tree at the directory that contains the topmost package directories. In this location, no path is needed when documenting packages, since -sourcepath will point to this file. For example, if the source tree for the java.lang package is C:\src\classes\java\lang\, then you could place the overview file at C:\src\classes\overview.html. See Real World Example.

For information about the file specified by path/filename, see overview comment file.

Note that the overview page is created only if you pass into javadoc two or more package names. For further explanation, see HTML Frames.)

The title on the overview page is set by -doctitle.