Editor model for a set of Kotlin DSL scripts.

Can only be requested on the root project, the builder will throw otherwise.

Requires the prepareKotlinBuildScriptModel task to be executed before building the model. See PREPARATION_TASK_NAME

The set of scripts can be provided as a Gradle property named org.gradle.kotlin.dsl.provider.scripts, as a list of absolute paths separated by |. If none are provided, then the model is built for all the Kotlin DSL scripts known to belong to this build. See SCRIPTS_GRADLE_PROPERTY_NAME.

The Gradle Kotlin DSL script provider must be running in "classpath" mode. This is done by providing the system property -Dorg.gradle.kotlin.dsl.provider.mode=classpath. See CLASSPATH_MODE_SYSTEM_PROPERTY_DECLARATION. In this mode, Gradle Kotlin DSL scripts compilation or evaluation failures will be ignored, collected and exceptions will be returned in the built model. Optionally, it can also be set in a strict mode by providing the system property value -Dorg.gradle.kotlin.dsl.provider.mode=strict-classpath. See STRICT_CLASSPATH_MODE_SYSTEM_PROPERTY_DECLARATION.

Optionally, an identifier can be provided as a Gradle property named org.gradle.kotlin.dsl.provider.cid, it can then be used to correlate Gradle and TAPI client log statements. See CORRELATION_ID_GRADLE_PROPERTY_NAME.




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val SCRIPTS_GRADLE_PROPERTY_NAME: String = "org.gradle.tooling.model.kotlin.dsl.scripts"
Gradle property name for the set of scripts to be queried for.


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Script models by file.