abstract class PmdPlugin : AbstractCodeQualityPlugin<T> (source)

A plugin for the PMD source code analyzer.

Declares a pmd configuration which needs to be configured with the PMD library to be used.

Declares a pmdAux configuration to add transitive compileOnly dependencies to the PMD's auxclasspath. This is only needed if PMD complains about NoClassDefFoundError during type resolution.

For each source set that is to be analyzed, a Pmd task is created and configured to analyze all Java code.

All PMD tasks (including user-defined ones) are added to the check lifecycle task.

See also

<a href="">PMD plugin reference</a>


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val DEFAULT_PMD_VERSION: String = "6.55.0"


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fun apply(project: ProjectInternal)
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open fun getDefaultTargetJdk(javaVersion: JavaVersion): TargetJdk