abstract class JavaBasePlugin : Plugin<T> (source)

A org.gradle.api.Plugin which compiles and tests Java source, and assembles it into a JAR file.

This plugin is automatically applied to most projects that build any JVM language source. It creates a JavaPluginExtension extension named java that is used to configure all jvm-related components in the project. It is responsible for configuring the conventions of any SourceSets that are present and used by (for example) the Java, Groovy, or Kotlin plugins.

See also

<a href="">Java plugin reference</a>


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constructor(objectFactory: ObjectFactory, jvmPluginServices: JvmPluginServices)


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val BUILD_DEPENDENTS_TASK_NAME: String = "buildDependents"
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val BUILD_NEEDED_TASK_NAME: String = "buildNeeded"
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val BUILD_TASK_NAME: String = "build"
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val CHECK_TASK_NAME: String = "check"
Set this property to use JARs build from subprojects, instead of the classes folder from these project, on the compile classpath.
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val DOCUMENTATION_GROUP: String = "documentation"
Task group name for documentation-related tasks.
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A list of known artifact types which are known to prevent from publication.
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val VERIFICATION_GROUP: String = "verification"


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open fun apply(project: Project)