Requirements for selecting a Java toolchain.

A toolchain is a JRE/JDK used by the tasks of a build. Tasks may require one or more of the tools (javac, java, or javadoc) of a toolchain. Depending on the needs of a build, only toolchains matching specific characteristics can be used to run a build or a specific task of a build.

Even though specification properties can be configured independently, the configuration must follow certain rules in order to form a specification.

A JavaToolchainSpec is considered valid in two cases:

  • when no properties have been set, i.e. the specification is empty;
  • when language version has been set, optionally followed by setting any other property.

In other words, if a vendor or an implementation are specified, they must be accompanied by the language version. An empty specification in most cases corresponds to the toolchain that runs the current build.

Usage of invalid instances of JavaToolchainSpec is deprecated and will be removed in the future versions of Gradle.




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abstract fun getDisplayName(): String
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The virtual machine implementation of the toolchain.
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The exact version of the Java language that the toolchain is required to support.
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The vendor of the toolchain.