Attach this annotation to an abstract getter that should receive the artifact dependencies of the InputArtifact of an artifact transform.

For example, when a project depends on spring-web, when the project is transformed (i.e. the project is the input artifact), the input artifact dependencies are the file collection containing the spring-web JAR and all its dependencies like e.g. the spring-core JAR. The abstract getter must be declared as type org.gradle.api.file.FileCollection. The order of the files matches that of the dependencies declared for the input artifact.

Example usage:

import org.gradle.api.artifacts.transform.TransformParameters;

public abstract class MyTransform implements TransformAction<TransformParameters.None> {

    public abstract Provider<FileSystemLocation> getInputArtifact();

    public abstract FileCollection getDependencies();

    public void transform(TransformOutputs outputs) {
        FileCollection dependencies = getDependencies();
        // Do something with the dependencies




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abstract fun annotationType(): Class<out Annotation>
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abstract fun equals(p: Any): Boolean
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abstract fun hashCode(): Int
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abstract fun toString(): String