Interface for artifact transform actions.

A transform action implementation is an abstract class implementing the transform method. A minimal implementation may look like this:

import org.gradle.api.artifacts.transform.TransformParameters;

public abstract class MyTransform implements TransformAction<TransformParameters.None> {
    public abstract Provider<FileSystemLocation> getInputArtifact();

    public void transform(TransformOutputs outputs) {
        File input = getInputArtifact().get().getAsFile();
        File output = outputs.file(input.getName() + ".transformed");
        // Do something to generate output from input
Implementations of TransformAction are subject to the following constraints:
  • Do not implement getParameters in your class, the method will be implemented by Gradle.
  • Implementations may only have a default constructor.
Implementations can receive parameters by using annotated abstract getter methods.
  • An abstract getter annotated with InputArtifact will receive the input artifact location, which is the file or directory that the transform should be applied to.
  • An abstract getter with InputArtifactDependencies will receive the dependencies of its input artifact.




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abstract fun getParameters(): T
The object provided by getParameters when registering the artifact transform.
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abstract fun transform(outputs: TransformOutputs)
Executes the transform.