Chapter 13. Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

13.1. Working through problems
13.2. Getting help

This chapter is currently a work in progress.

When using Gradle (or any software package), you can run into problems. You may not understand how to use a particular feature, or you may encounter a defect. Or, you may have a general question about Gradle.

This chapter gives some advice for troubleshooting problems and explains how to get help with your problems.

13.1. Working through problems

If you are encountering problems, one of the first things to try is using the very latest release of Gradle. New versions of Gradle are released frequently with bug fixes and new features. The problem you are having may have been fixed in a new release.

If you are using the Gradle Daemon, try temporarily disabling the daemon (you can pass the command line switch --no-daemon). More information about troubleshooting the daemon process is located in Chapter 7, The Gradle Daemon.

13.2. Getting help

The place to go for help with Gradle is The Gradle Forums is the place where you can report problems and ask questions of the Gradle developers and other community members.

If something’s not working for you, posting a question or problem report to the forums is the fastest way to get help. It’s also the place to post improvement suggestions or new ideas. The development team frequently posts news items and announces releases via the forum, making it a great way to stay up to date with the latest Gradle developments.