Build engineers that are ready to configure custom build logic and write their own plugins should start here.

To get started engineering Gradle builds:

  1. Read the build basics chapters.

  2. Follow the tutorial for a hands-on approach.

1. Authoring Gradle Builds Basics

The basics section goes through some Gradle authoring basics so that you can quickly understand how to configure builds, create tasks, and write plugins.

Training level: Intermediate
Reading time: 35 minutes

The introduction covers:

Part 1. Gradle Directories
Part 2. Multi-Project Builds
Part 3. Gradle Build Lifecycle
Part 4. Writing Settings Files
Part 5. Writing Build Scripts
Part 6. Using Tasks
Part 7. Writing Tasks
Part 8. Using Plugins
Part 9. Writing Plugins

2. Authoring Gradle Builds Tutorial

The tutorial will take you from Gradle initialization all the way through authoring a simple script plugin. No previous experience is necessary but a basic knowledge of Java and Kotlin is nice to have.

If you need to install Gradle before the tutorial, you can see how to do so in the installation section.

Training level: Intermediate
Training time: 65 minutes

The tutorial covers:

Part 1. Initializing the Project
Part 2. Understanding the Build Lifecycle
Part 3. Multi-Project Builds
Part 6. Writing the Settings File
Part 5. Writing Build Script
Part 6. Writing Tasks
Part 7. Writing Plugins