Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’re new to Gradle, this is where to begin.

To get started using Gradle:

  1. Read the core concepts chapters.

  2. Follow the tutorial for a hands-on approach.

1. Gradle Core Concepts

The core concepts section goes through the Gradle basics so that you can quickly understand how to invoke tasks, turn on features, apply plugins, add dependencies to your project, and more.

Training level: Beginner
Reading time: 25 minutes

The core concepts cover:

Part 1. Gradle Overview
Part 2. Gradle’s Wrapper
Part 3. Gradle’s Command Line Interface
Part 4. Settings File
Part 5. Build Files
Part 6. Dependency Management
Part 7. Tasks
Part 8. Plugins
Part 9. Build Scans
Part 10. Gradle Optimizations

2. Gradle Tutorial

The tutorial will take you from Gradle initialization all the way through to utilizing Gradle’s task caching for your basic Java App. No previous experience is necessary but a basic knowledge of Java and Kotlin is nice to have.

If you need to install Gradle before the tutorial, you can do so in the installation section.

Training level: Beginner
Training time: 55 minutes

The tutorial covers:

Part 1. Initializing the Project
Part 2. Running Tasks
Part 3. Understanding Dependencies
Part 4. Applying Plugins
Part 5. Exploring Incremental Builds
Part 6. Enabling the Cache
Part 7. Using Reference Materials