A build scan is a representation of metadata captured as you run your build.

gradle basic 1

Build Scans

Gradle captures your build metadata and sends it to the Build Scan Service. The service then transforms the metadata into information you can analyze and share with others.

build scan 1

The information that scans collect can be an invaluable resource when troubleshooting, collaborating on, or optimizing the performance of your builds.

For example, with a build scan, it’s no longer necessary to copy and paste error messages or include all the details about your environment each time you want to ask a question on Stack Overflow, Slack, or the Gradle Forum. Instead, copy the link to your latest build scan.

build scan 2

Enable Build Scans

To enable build scans on a gradle command, add --scan to the command line option:

 ./gradlew build --scan

You may be prompted to agree to the terms to use Build Scans.

Vist the Build Scans page to learn more.

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