Explore our guides and examples to use Gradle.


Information on Gradle releases and how to install Gradle is found on the Installation page.


The Gradle User Manual is broken down into the following sections:

Running Gradle Builds

Learn Gradle basics and how to use Gradle to build your project.

Authoring Gradle Builds

Develop tasks and plugins to customize your build.

Authoring JVM Builds

Use Gradle with your Java project.

Working with Dependencies

Add dependencies to your build.

Optimizing Builds

Use caches to optimize your build and understand the Gradle daemon, incremental builds and file system watching.

Gradle on CI

Gradle integration with popular continuous integration (CI) servers.


  1. Gradle’s API Javadocs

  2. Gradle’s Groovy DSL

  3. Gradle’s Kotlin DSL

  4. Gradle’s Core Plugins