Interface ScriptHandler

  • public interface ScriptHandler

    A ScriptHandler allows you to manage the compilation and execution of a build script. You can declare the classpath used to compile and execute a build script. This classpath is also used to load the plugins which the build script uses.

    You can obtain a ScriptHandler instance using Project.getBuildscript() or Script.getBuildscript().

    To declare the script classpath, you use the DependencyHandler provided by getDependencies() to attach dependencies to the "classpath" configuration. These dependencies are resolved just prior to script compilation, and assembled into the classpath for the script.

    For most external dependencies you will also need to declare one or more repositories where the dependencies can be found, using the RepositoryHandler provided by getRepositories().

    • Field Detail


        static final java.lang.String CLASSPATH_CONFIGURATION
        The name of the configuration used to assemble the script classpath.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • getSourceFile

        @Nullable getSourceFile()
        Returns the file containing the source for the script, if any.
        The source file. Returns null if the script source is not a file.
      • getSourceURI

        @Nullable getSourceURI()
        Returns the URI for the script source, if any.
        The source URI. Returns null if the script source has no URI.
      • getRepositories

        RepositoryHandler getRepositories()
        Returns a handler to create repositories which are used for retrieving dependencies for the script classpath.
        the repository handler. Never returns null.
      • repositories

        void repositories​(Closure configureClosure)
        Configures the repositories for the script dependencies. Executes the given closure against the RepositoryHandler for this handler. The RepositoryHandler is passed to the closure as the closure's delegate.
        configureClosure - the closure to use to configure the repositories.
      • getDependencies

        DependencyHandler getDependencies()
        Returns the dependencies of the script. The returned dependency handler instance can be used for adding new dependencies. For accessing already declared dependencies, the configurations can be used.
        the dependency handler. Never returns null.
        See Also:
      • dependencies

        void dependencies​(Closure configureClosure)
        Configures the dependencies for the script. Executes the given closure against the DependencyHandler for this handler. The DependencyHandler is passed to the closure as the closure's delegate.
        configureClosure - the closure to use to configure the dependencies.
      • getConfigurations

        ConfigurationContainer getConfigurations()
        Returns the configurations of this handler. This usually contains a single configuration, called "classpath".
        The configuration of this handler.
      • configurations

        void configurations​(Action<? super ConfigurationContainer> configureClosure)
        Configures the configurations for the script. Executes the given action against the ConfigurationContainer for this handler.
        configureClosure - The action used to configure the script configurations.
      • dependencyLocking

        void dependencyLocking​(Closure configureClosure)
        Configures dependency locking
        configureClosure - the configuration action
      • getClassLoader

        java.lang.ClassLoader getClassLoader()
        Returns the ClassLoader which contains the classpath for this script.
        The ClassLoader. Never returns null.