Interface DependencySubstitutions

  • public interface DependencySubstitutions
    Allows replacing dependencies with other dependencies.
    • Method Detail

      • all

        DependencySubstitutions all​(Action<? super DependencySubstitution> rule)
        Adds a dependency substitution rule that is triggered for every dependency (including transitive) when the configuration is being resolved. The action receives an instance of DependencySubstitution that can be used to find out what dependency is being resolved and to influence the resolution process.


         configurations { main }
         // add dependency substitution rules
         configurations.main.resolutionStrategy.dependencySubstitution {
           // Use a rule to change the dependency module while leaving group + version intact
           all { DependencySubstitution dependency ->
             if (dependency.requested instanceof ModuleComponentSelector && dependency.requested.module == 'groovy-all') {
               dependency.useTarget + ':groovy:' + dependency.requested.version
           // Use a rule to replace all missing projects with module dependencies
           all { DependencySubstitution dependency ->
            if (dependency.requested instanceof ProjectComponentSelector) {
               def targetProject = findProject(":${dependency.requested.path}")
               if (targetProject == null) {
                 dependency.useTarget "org.myorg:" + dependency.requested.path + ":+"
        The rules are evaluated in order they are declared. Rules are evaluated after forced modules are applied (see ResolutionStrategy.force(Object...)
      • module

        ComponentSelector module​(java.lang.String notation)
        Create a ModuleComponentSelector from the provided input string. Strings must be in the format "{group}:{module}:{version}".
      • project

        ComponentSelector project​(java.lang.String path)
        Create a ProjectComponentSelector from the provided input string. Strings must be in the format ":path".
      • platform

        ComponentSelector platform​(ComponentSelector selector)
        Transforms the provided selector into a platform selector.
        selector - the original selector
      • substitute

        DependencySubstitutions.Substitution substitute​(ComponentSelector substitutedDependency)
        DSL-friendly mechanism to construct a dependency substitution for dependencies matching the provided selector.


         configurations { main }
         configurations.main.resolutionStrategy.dependencySubstitution {
           // Substitute project and module dependencies
           substitute module('org.gradle:api') using project(':api')
           substitute project(':util') using module('org.gradle:util:3.0')
           // Substitute one module dependency for another
           substitute module('org.gradle:api:2.0') using module('org.gradle:api:2.1')