open fun getLinks(): List<String>(source)

-link extdocURL

Creates links to existing javadoc-generated documentation of external referenced classes. It takes one argument:

extdocURL is the absolute or relative URL of the directory containing the external javadoc-generated documentation you want to link to. Examples are shown below. The package-list file must be found in this directory (otherwise, use -linkoffline). The Javadoc tool reads the package names from the package-list file and then links to those packages at that URL. When the Javadoc tool is run, the extdocURL value is copied literally into the links that are created. Therefore, extdocURL must be the URL to the directory, not to a file. You can use an absolute link for extdocURL to enable your docs to link to a document on any website, or can use a relative link to link only to a relative location. If relative, the value you pass in should be the relative path from the destination directory (specified with -d) to the directory containing the packages being linked to.

When specifying an absolute link you normally use an http: link. However, if you want to link to a file system that has no web server, you can use a file: link -- however, do this only if everyone wanting to access the generated documentation shares the same file system.