-linkoffline extdocURL packagelistLoc

This option is a variation of -link; they both create links to javadoc-generated documentation for external referenced classes. Use the -linkoffline option when linking to a document on the web when the Javadoc tool itself is "offline" -- that is, it cannot access the document through a web connection. More specifically, use -linkoffline if the external document's package-list file is not accessible or does not exist at the extdocURL location but does exist at a different location, which can be specified by packageListLoc (typically local). Thus, if extdocURL is accessible only on the World Wide Web, -linkoffline removes the constraint that the Javadoc tool have a web connection when generating the documentation.

Another use is as a "hack" to update docs: After you have run javadoc on a full set of packages, then you can run javadoc again on only a smaller set of changed packages, so that the updated files can be inserted back into the original set. Examples are given below.

The -linkoffline option takes two arguments -- the first for the string to be embedded in the links, the second telling it where to find package-list:

extdocURL is the absolute or relative URL of the directory containing the external javadoc-generated documentation you want to link to. If relative, the value should be the relative path from the destination directory (specified with -d) to the root of the packages being linked to. For more details, see extdocURL in the -link option. packagelistLoc is the path or URL to the directory containing the package-list file for the external documentation. This can be a URL (http: or file:) or file path, and can be absolute or relative. If relative, make it relative to the current directory from where javadoc was run. Do not include the package-list filename.