Interface WorkQueue

  • public interface WorkQueue
    Represents a queue of work items with a uniform set of worker requirements. Note that this object is not thread-safe.
    • Method Detail

      • submit

        <T extends WorkParameters> void submit​(java.lang.Class<? extends WorkAction<T>> workActionClass,
                                               Action<? super T> parameterAction)
        Submits a piece of work to be executed asynchronously. Execution of the work may begin immediately. Work submitted using WorkerExecutor.processIsolation() will execute in an idle daemon that meets the requirements set in the ProcessWorkerSpec. If no idle daemons are available, a new daemon will be started. Any errors will be thrown from await() or from the surrounding task action if await() is not used.
      • await

        void await()
            throws WorkerExecutionException
        Blocks until all work associated with this queue is complete. Note that when using this method inside a task action, it will block completion of the task action until the submitted work is complete. This means that other tasks from the same project cannot be run in parallel while the task action is still executing.
        WorkerExecutionException - when a failure occurs while executing the work.