Interface WorkAction<T extends WorkParameters>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - Parameter type for the work action. Should be WorkParameters.None if the action does not have parameters.

    public interface WorkAction<T extends WorkParameters>
    Represents the implementation of a unit of work to be used when submitting work to the WorkerExecutor.

    A work action implementation is an abstract class implementing the execute() method. A minimal implementation may look like this:

     import org.gradle.workers.WorkParameters;
     public abstract class MyWorkAction implements WorkAction<WorkParameters.None> {
         private final String greeting;
         public MyWorkAction() {
             this.greeting = "hello";
         public void execute() {
    Implementations of WorkAction are subject to the following constraints:
    • Do not implement getParameters() in your class, the method will be implemented by Gradle.
    • Constructors must be annotated with Inject.
    • Method Detail

      • getParameters

        T getParameters()
        The parameters associated with a concrete work item.
      • execute

        void execute()
        The work to perform when this work item executes.