Interface CompilationDetails

  • public interface CompilationDetails
    Represents the compilation details for a binary.
    • Method Detail

      • getCompileTask

        Task getCompileTask()
        Returns the details of the compilation task for this binary. This is the task that should be run to produce the object files, but may not necessarily be the task that compiles the source files. For example, the task may perform some post processing of the object files.
      • getCompilerExecutable

        @Nullable getCompilerExecutable()
        Returns the compiler executable that is used to compile this binary.
        The compiler executable or null if the compiler for this binary is not available.
      • getCompileWorkingDir getCompileWorkingDir()
        Returns the working directory that the compiler is invoked from when compiling the source of this binary.
      • getFrameworkSearchPaths

        java.util.List<> getFrameworkSearchPaths()
        Returns the framework search paths for this binary.
      • getSystemHeaderSearchPaths

        java.util.List<> getSystemHeaderSearchPaths()
        Returns the system search paths for this binary.
      • getUserHeaderSearchPaths

        java.util.List<> getUserHeaderSearchPaths()
        Returns the user search paths for this binary. This includes the header directories for the binary itself, plus any dependencies of the binary.
      • getHeaderDirs

        java.util.Set<> getHeaderDirs()
        Returns the header directories for this binary. These are also included in the result of getUserHeaderSearchPaths().
      • getMacroUndefines

        java.util.Set<java.lang.String> getMacroUndefines()
        Returns the macro undefine directives for this binary.
      • getAdditionalArgs

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getAdditionalArgs()
        Returns any additional compiler arguments not included in the search paths and macro directives of this binary.