Interface VersionCatalogBuilder

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    public interface VersionCatalogBuilder
    extends Named
    A version catalog builder. Dependencies defined via this model will trigger the generation of accessors available in build scripts.
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      • getDescription

        Property<java.lang.String> getDescription()
        A description for the dependencies model, which will be used in the generated sources as documentation.
        the description for this model
      • from

        void from​(java.lang.Object dependencyNotation)
        Configures the model by reading it from a version catalog. A version catalog is a component published using the `version-catalog` plugin or a local TOML file.

        This function can be called only once, further calls will result in an error. The passed notation should conform these constraints:

        • If a file notation is passed, it should be a single file.
        • If it's a resolvable dependency, it should resolve to a single file.

        If the notation doesn't conform these constraints, an exception will be thrown at configuration time.

        dependencyNotation - any notation supported by DependencyHandler
      • version

        java.lang.String version​(java.lang.String alias,
                                 java.lang.String version)
        Configures a dependency version which can then be referenced using the VersionCatalogBuilder.LibraryAliasBuilder.versionRef(String) method.
        alias - an identifier for the version
        version - the version alias name
      • library

        VersionCatalogBuilder.LibraryAliasBuilder library​(java.lang.String alias,
                                                          java.lang.String group,
                                                          java.lang.String artifact)
        Entry point for registering a library alias.
        alias - the alias of the library
        group - the group of the library
        artifact - the artifact ID of the library
        a builder for this alias, to finish the version configuration
      • library

        void library​(java.lang.String alias,
                     java.lang.String groupArtifactVersion)
        Declare a library alias in full. This does not return a builder, as the declaration is fully complete. Use library(String, String, String) if you need a more complex version declaration.

        Note that declaring a classifier or extension using this method is not possible.

        alias - the alias of the library
        groupArtifactVersion - the group:artifact:version string, all components are required
      • plugin

        VersionCatalogBuilder.PluginAliasBuilder plugin​(java.lang.String alias,
                                                        java.lang.String id)
        Entry point for registering a plugin alias.
        alias - the alias of the plugin
        id - the ID of the plugin
        a builder for this alias, to finish the version configuration
      • bundle

        void bundle​(java.lang.String alias,
                    java.util.List<java.lang.String> aliases)
        Declares a bundle of dependencies. A bundle consists of a name for the bundle, and a list of aliases. The aliases must correspond to aliases defined via the library() methods.
        alias - the alias of the bundle
        aliases - the aliases of the dependencies included in the bundle
        See Also:
        library(String, String, String), library(String, String)
      • getLibrariesExtensionName

        java.lang.String getLibrariesExtensionName()
        Returns the name of the extension configured by this builder