Interface Distribution

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    public interface Distribution
    extends Named
    A distribution allows to bundle an application or a library including dependencies, sources...
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      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        The name of this distribution.
        Specified by:
        getName in interface Named
        The name. Never null.
      • getDistributionBaseName

        Property<java.lang.String> getDistributionBaseName()
        The baseName of the distribution, used in naming the distribution archives.

        If the getName() of this distribution is "main" this defaults to the project's name. Otherwise it is "$$".

      • getDistributionClassifier

        Property<java.lang.String> getDistributionClassifier()
        The classifier of the distribution, used as the archive classifier in the archives of this distribution.

        By default, no classifier is added.

      • getContents

        CopySpec getContents()
        The contents of the distribution.
      • contents

        CopySpec contents​(Action<? super CopySpec> action)
        Configures the contents of the distribution.

        Can be used to configure the contents of the distribution:

         plugins {
             id 'distribution'
         distributions {
             main {
                 contents {
                     from "src/readme"
        The DSL inside the contents\{} block is the same DSL used for Copy tasks.