Interface ConfigurationVariantDetails

  • public interface ConfigurationVariantDetails
    The details object used to determine what to do with a configuration variant when publishing.

    This type also contains Maven specific information used to map the variant to a Maven POM file.

    • Method Detail

      • skip

        void skip()
        Marks this configuration variant as being skipped when publishing.
      • mapToOptional

        void mapToOptional()
        Provides information about the optional status of this added configuration variant.
        • For the Maven world, this means that dependencies will be declared as optional.
        • For the Ivy world, this means that configuration marked optional will not be extended by the default configuration.
      • mapToMavenScope

        void mapToMavenScope​(java.lang.String scope)
        Provides information about how to publish to a Maven POM file. If nothing is said, Gradle will publish all dependencies from this configuration to the compile scope. It is preferable to give a mapping in order for consumers to get the right dependencies when asking for the API or the runtime of a component published as a POM file only. Note that Gradle will write Maven scopes in the following order:
        • compile dependencies
        • runtime dependencies
        • optional compile dependencies
        • optional runtime dependencies
        The mapping only applies to dependencies: dependency constraints will systematically be published as import scope.
        scope - the Maven scope to use for dependencies found in this configuration variant