Annotation Type DisableCachingByDefault

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    public @interface DisableCachingByDefault
    Attached to a task or artifact transform type to indicate that task output caching should be disabled by default for work of this type. Not all work benefits from caching: for example tasks that only copy content around on disk rarely do. This annotation allows clearly stating that work does not benefit from caching. It also allows attaching an explanation about why a certain work unit is not made cacheable.

    Caching for individual task instances can be enabled and disabled via TaskOutputs.cacheIf(String, Spec) or disabled via TaskOutputs.doNotCacheIf(String, Spec). Using these APIs takes precedence over the presence (or absence) of @DisableCachingByDefault.

    See Also:
    CacheableTask, CacheableTransform
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      java.lang.String because  
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        java.lang.String because