Class EclipseWtp

  • public abstract class EclipseWtp
    extends java.lang.Object
    Enables fine-tuning wtp/wst details of the Eclipse plugin

    For projects applying the eclipse plugin and either one of the ear or war plugins, this plugin is auto-applied.

    More interesting examples you will find in docs for EclipseWtpComponent and EclipseWtpFacet

     plugins {
         id 'war' // or 'ear' or 'java'
         id 'eclipse-wtp'
     eclipse {
       //if you want parts of paths in resulting file(s) to be replaced by variables (files):
       pathVariables 'GRADLE_HOME': file('/best/software/gradle'), 'TOMCAT_HOME': file('../tomcat')
       wtp {
         component {
           //for examples see docs for EclipseWtpComponent
         facet {
           //for examples see docs for EclipseWtpFacet