Class JavaGradlePluginPlugin

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    public abstract class JavaGradlePluginPlugin
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Plugin<Project>
    A plugin for building java gradle plugins. Automatically generates plugin descriptors. Emits warnings for common error conditions.

    Provides a direct integration with TestKit by declaring the gradleTestKit() dependency for the test compile configuration and a dependency on the plugin classpath manifest generation task for the test runtime configuration. Default conventions can be customized with the help of GradlePluginDevelopmentExtension. Integrates with the 'maven-publish' and 'ivy-publish' plugins to automatically publish the plugins so they can be resolved using the `pluginRepositories` and `plugins` DSL.

    See Also:
    Gradle plugin development reference
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      void apply​(Project project)
      Apply this plugin to the given target object.
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      • JavaGradlePluginPlugin

        public JavaGradlePluginPlugin()
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        public void apply​(Project project)
        Description copied from interface: Plugin
        Apply this plugin to the given target object.
        Specified by:
        apply in interface Plugin<Project>
        project - The target object