Class JvmToolchainsPlugin

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    public abstract class JvmToolchainsPlugin
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Plugin<Project>
    A plugin that provides JVM toolchains for projects that need to execute Java from local JVM installations or run the tools included in a JDK. The plugin makes JavaToolchainService available via a project extension.
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      JvmToolchainsPlugin​(org.gradle.jvm.toolchain.internal.JavaToolchainQueryService javaToolchainQueryService)  
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      void apply​(Project target)
      Apply this plugin to the given target object.
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      • JvmToolchainsPlugin

        public JvmToolchainsPlugin​(org.gradle.jvm.toolchain.internal.JavaToolchainQueryService javaToolchainQueryService)
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      • apply

        public void apply​(Project target)
        Description copied from interface: Plugin
        Apply this plugin to the given target object.
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        apply in interface Plugin<Project>
        target - The target object