Gradle Release Notes

Version 4.0-milestone-2

The Gradle team is pleased to announce Gradle 4.0.

We are excited to share some great new features and improvements with you in this release:

First and foremost, Gradle's Build Cache is now production-ready for Java and Groovy compilation and test tasks! This is further improved by overlapping outputs detection, smart JVM classpath snapshotting, and more listed below. The cacheability of other tasks, including other languages, will be completed in future releases.

Now on to user experience: this release has a number of enhancements in logging and terminal display. Log output is now grouped by project and task when attached to a terminal — output from tasks run in parallel will no longer be interleaved. However, logging behaves the same as previous Gradle versions in non-interactive environments, and with --console=plain, to allow automated tools like CI systems to parse the logs they expect. Logs from forked processes like Java compilation and tests are not grouped in this milestone, but will be in the 4.0 RC.