Chapter 48. Wrapper Plugin

The wrapper plugin is currently incubating. Please be aware that the DSL and other configuration may change in later Gradle versions.

The Gradle wrapper plugin allows the generation of Gradle wrapper files by adding a Wrapper task, that generates all files needed to run the build using the Gradle Wrapper. Details about the Gradle Wrapper can be found in the according chapter Chapter 61, The Gradle Wrapper

48.1. Usage

Without modifying the build.gradle file, the wrapper plugin can be auto-applied to the rootproject of the current build by running gradle wrapper from the commandline. This applies the plugin if no task named wrapper is already defined in the build.

48.2. Tasks

The wrapper plugin adds the following tasks to the project:

Table 48.1. Wrapper plugin - tasks

Task name Depends on Type Description
wrapper - Wrapper Generates Gradle wrapper files.