Gradle Release Notes

Version 1.0-milestone-8a

  1. New and Noteworthy
    1. Bug Fix for Dependency Cache
  2. Fixed Jira Issues

New and Noteworthy

Bug Fix for Dependency Cache

This release fixes a critical issue with Gradle's dependency cache which could cause artifacts not to be found even though they were available from one of the declared remote repositories. For more information, see GRADLE-2101.

Fixed Jira Issues

Jirra Issues
Type Key Summary Assignee Reporter Priority Status Resolved Created Uploaded Due
GRADLE-2101 Dependency resolution incorrectly uses cached values from different repository Daz DeBoer Daz DeBoer Resolved Fixed 15/Feb/12 04/Jan/13
GRADLE-2100 Ordering of repository declarations can cause Could not resolve all dependencies error Daz DeBoer Dan Stine Resolved Fixed 14/Feb/12 04/Jan/13
GRADLE-1533 Tooling API should return info on what Gradle distribution is being used by a given project Szczepan Faber Kris De Volder Resolved Fixed 12/May/11 04/Jan/13