Gradle Release Notes

Version 1.0-milestone-1

  1. New and Noteworthy
  2. Migrating from 0.9.2
  3. Fixed Jira Issues

This release is primarily a bugfix and refactoring release, preparing the way for features in later milestones.

New and Noteworthy

Application plugin

There is a new application plugin. This plugin takes care of bundling up your main-method application into a distribution, and also provides tasks to allow you to run the application directly from the build. All you have to do is declare the name of the application's main class in your build script.

See the userguide for details. A sample project is included in the Gradle distribution in $gradleHome/samples/application.

Thanks to René Gröschke for contributing this plugin.

IDE plugin improvements

The Eclipse and IDEA plugins have been further improved. See the breaking changes page for notable changes.

See the Eclipse and IDEA chapters of the userguide.

New JUnit test report

The JUnit test report has been reworked.

Updated dependencies

Build scripts are now executed using Groovy 1.7.8 and Ant 1.8.2.

Migrating from 0.9.2

Gradle 1.0-milestone-1 Breaking Changes

Fixed Jira Issues

1.0-milestone-1 Breaking Changes

Have a look at Gradle 1.0-milestone-1 Release Notes for more information about the new features in this release

  1. Eclipse Plugin
  2. IDEA Plugin

Eclipse Plugin

IDEA Plugin