Gradle Release Notes

Version 0.9.1

  1. New and Noteworthy
  2. Migrating from 0.9
  3. Fixed Jira Issues

New and Noteworthy

This release is primarily a bug-fix release, so it does not include many new features.

Use the local Maven cache to resolve dependencies

There is now a mavenLocal() method, which adds a repository that looks for dependencies in the local Maven cache. This repository uses the Maven settings.xml file, if present, to locate the cache.

Migrating from 0.9

Gradle 0.9.1 Breaking Changes

Fixed Jira Issues

0.9.1 Breaking Changes

Have a look at Gradle 0.9.1 Release Notes for more information about the new features in this release

  1. Wrapper task
  2. Scaladoc task

Wrapper task

Scaladoc task